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About Us...

Web Finance Direct is a web-based F&I company founded on the premise of providing a remote F&I department for today's progressive and forward-thinking dealer. As the retail sales industry continues to evolve and the traditional model for dealership management is altered and refined to retain profits, Web Finance Direct is the market leader in filling this developing niche.

Our Mission...

At Web Finance Direct, we feel that F&I doesn't need to be hi-pressure, complicated, or cumbersome. Our philosopy is to provide the tools necessary to give our member's a decisive edge over their competition, without requiring them to expend massive amounts of captial to do so.

If you are a current member of the Web Finance Direct family, please proceed to the "Member Login Section" to access the many tools Web Finance Direct has available.

If you are a non-member dealer interested in joining a growing trend in F&I, and are ready to start capturing currently unrecognized revenue, please contact Jim or Charlie to receive additional information about what Web Finance Direct can do for you.

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At Web Finance Direct we provide a variety of services aimed at making you more productive including:

  • Assisting you to find customer financing
  • Easy online paperwork retrieval and printing
  • Online Dealer Cash transactions paperwork and printing
  • Automatic Buyers Guide generation and printing
  • We will help you ensure complience with GAP/Life audit requirements